Dissertation Writing: Some Tips

What is the main part in your dissertation writing?

In the main part is now the subject is illuminated from all sides. It should be clearly structured and support your argument. Depending on the topic, the main part be organized chronologically, investigate a problem based on pro and con arguments, explain the similarities and differences of a theme Facing or be divided into theoretical and practical considerations.

Each chapter should address a sense section and the lower section should be closed content.

What you write in the concluding remarks?

You should summarize your findings and evaluate. If they are part of the question unanswered, why is this so? You can make a prognosis for future developments.

What should be the bibliography in your dissertation writing?

In the reference list and endorse all the works that you used to create your thesis. The sources should be listed alphabetically by the surname of the authors. Within the individual sources to align the data and their order after the citation used throughout the work. It should be noted, whether the source is a monograph, an anthology or a single magazine article. In some fields, the individual sources are also numbered. Each source ends with a period.

What contains the appendix in your dissertation writing?

In the appendix includes additional image or text material that was not used in the main part, but it can provide additional information. This might include interview transcripts, photographs or survey results.

What is an affidavit?

On the final part, there is an affidavit, you confirm that you have created the work independently and have used only these sources and resources.

What format should I use in my dissertation writing?

You can say that there are no uniform rules on the format. You could always ask your supervisor for specific instructions.

Anyway, you should set the left and right edge enough. Note that you should leave for later the left binding 1 cm extra edge. Links allow about 2-3 cm and 4 cm in the right edge. Up and down, the edge can be 2.5-3 cm. Make sure that the formatting is consistent on all sides. Furthermore, the text should be written in block set at 1.5 times the line spacing.


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